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Rotti's chauffeur is Rotti Largo's chauffeur, hired to drive Rotti's limo and never be late.


[edit] Characteristics

Rotti's chauffeur is a tall man with white hair and a large, flamboyant moustache. He wears a black suit, and never speaks. Although his name is never given, he is sometimes referred to as Branko Branko- presumably in reference to Branko Lebar, who portrays him in the film.

[edit] Character history

[edit] 2008 film

[edit] Limo Ride

Rotti's chauffeur drives as Rotti has a conversation with Shilo Wallace

[edit] Nathan Discovers Rotti's Plan

Rotti's chauffeur picks up Shilo Wallace and drives her to the Genetic Opera.

[edit] At the Opera Tonight

Shilo puts on a outfit that the chauffeur gave her and that once belonged to her dead mother Marni

[edit] Actors

2008 film:

Branko Lebar

[edit] Gallery

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