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Pavi Largo
Publication information
Portrayed by Nivek Ogre
Created by Darren Smith
Terrance Zdunich
In-story Information
Born Paviche Largo, 2024
Died --
Occupation(s) --
Family Rotti Largo (father)
Luigi Largo (brother)
Amber Sweet (sister)

Paviche "Pavi" Largo is the middle sibling in the Largo family. He is 32 years old (born in 2024).


[edit] Characteristics

Pavi is a womanizer (to the point of also being dubbed a rapist) and narcissist. In each version of Repo!, he is described as being vain and dim-witted. He almost always has a hand-mirror present to preen himself.

Original sketches of Pavi by Terrance Zdunich show Pavi with an exaggerated face-lift, pulling his face back in tight folds and giving him a permanent smile. In some sketches, he has a mustache.

Due to a small budget, the creators and directors cold not afford to give Pavi the exaggerated face-lift for the stage performances, and instead showed him wearing a large amount of make-up. Zdunich described him as being a "perverse mime".

For the 10-minute short movie, the director and creators were able to afford the prosthetics needed to give Pavi the face-lift look.

An even larger budget gave the creators a chance to expand on Pavi's character's appearance in the movie, changing from the concept of an exaggerated face-lift to Pavi wearing other's people's faces as masks to cover his own hideously scarred visage. These flesh-masks were pierced to his face with six metal rings, and began to decay after a while requiring Pavi to replace them on a regular basis.

[edit] Character history

[edit] 2002 stage-play


[edit] 2005 stage-play


[edit] 2006 stage-play


[edit] 2007 short


[edit] 2008 film

[edit] Depraved Heart Murder at Sanitarium Square

A montage is shown of the Largo family's rise to power and establishment of plastic surgery becoming fashion.

[edit] Things You See in a Graveyard (Part One)

Pavi and his siblings are scolded by his father before he leaves, told that they disgust him. Rotti refers to his children as "maggots," "vermin," and "vultures."

[edit] Bravi!

Pavi participates with his siblings and a group of genterns in dancing and singing for a GeneCo Genetic Opera commercial.

[edit] Mark It Up

Pavi bickers with his brother over who will inherit GeneCo when Rotti dies, claiming that since he "steals all of the hearts", he deserves GeneCo. When his brother grabs him by the neck, Pavi sprays him in the face with his cologne, and the two circle each other in a showdown.

[edit] Things You See in a Graveyard (Part Two)

Rotti decides that his children are a bust, and aren't worthy of his inheritance, as they are self-pronounced "scalpel sluts" and are taking advantage of GeneCo.

[edit] Genterns

Genterns replace Pavi's decaying old flesh-mask with a new, fresher one.

[edit] Luigi, Pavi, Amber Harass Mag

Pavi gets into an argument with his brother and sister over who will inherit GeneCo after their father's passing.

[edit] Zydrate Support Network

Pavi and his brother are present with Rotti and Blind Mag for the ribbon cutting for a new opera house.

[edit] Worthy Heirs?

Pavi and his siblings are shown in a comic panel, which poses the question, "Are Rotti's kids worthy heirs?".

[edit] Who Ordered Pizza?

Pavi taunts Nathan about his job and insists along with Rotti, Luigi, and Amber that he must kill Mag and repossess her eyes.

[edit] Night Surgeon

Pavi helps Luigi and Rotti try to convince Nathan to repossess Mag's eyes while Nathan kills another victim.

[edit] Gold

Rotti refers to his children as "nightmares" and "degenerates", claiming that they'll waste his money if he left it to them.

[edit] At the Opera Tonight

Pavi prepares for the Genetic Opera with his brother and father, claiming that he'll be wearing his greatest face.

[edit] We Started This Op'ra Shit

Pavi dances on stage with Luigi and the band at the beginning of the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Buon Giorno

Pavi, Rotti, and Luigi welcome the opera patrons as genterns pass out organs.

[edit] Sawman's Lament

Pavi laughs when Rotti says that Luigi is a disappointment, but Rotti tells him that he thinks Pavi is just as worthless as Luigi and Amber.

[edit] Cut the Ties

Pavi is horrified when Rotti announces that he'll leave all of GeneCo to Shilo if she kills her father. Pavi tries to convince Rotti not to give GeneCo to Shilo, but to him instead.

[edit] Shilo Turns Against Rotti

After fighting and struggling with Luigi, the two siblings try to help Rotti stay still but he rebuffs them, insulting them along with Amber, who returns to the stage still faceless.

[edit] Epitaph

After his sister takes control over GeneCo, Pavi wins the face that fell off when she was singing at the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Actors

Stage play:

Jimmy Waters - LA run (2002)
Timothy Carr - NY run (2004)
Marcus Montoya - NY run (2005)

2006 short:

J. Larose

2008 film:

Nivek Ogre

[edit] Gallery

[edit] External links

Pavi's MySpace profile

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