My, What Big Scissors You Have (2008 song)

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"My, What Big Scissors You Have" is a song featured in the 2008 film. Chronologically, it is preceded by "Seeing You Stirs Memories (Part Two)" and succeeded by "Housecall".


[edit] Performers

[edit] Other characters in the scene

[edit] Story

Mag cuts the ribbon to the new opera house, where she is set to perform for the last time, two announcers begin promoting the sale of the opera tickets, and Rotti's henchgirls grab Shilo and stuff her into a tent to stay out of the way.

[edit] Significance/purpose

This song has little significance, but shows some of the anticipation brewing for the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Lyrics

Ev'rybody, ev'rybody!
Line up! Line up, now!
We've got tickets, op'ra tickets!
Don't be shy!

Hurry and be one of the lucky few to hear Mag's final song
At GeneCo's exclusive Genetic Opera!

Let go!
How am I going to find my way home?

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