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Welcome to Repo!pedia
Welcome to Repo!pedia

WELCOME to Repo!pedia!

Repo!pedia is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything to do with Repo! The Genetic Opera, from the its origins and creators to its evolution from stage play to big screen. Feel free to sign up and start editing and creating articles now, but beware. There are SPOILERS!


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[edit] Production

[edit] Characters

[edit] In need of creation

[edit] In need of characteristics

  • Rotti's chauffeur
  • DJ Granny
  • Rotti Largo
  • Amber Sweet
  • Pavi Largo
  • Luigi Largo
  • Graverobber
  • Shilo Wallace
  • Nathan Wallace
  • Marni Wallace
  • Blind Mag

[edit] Music

[edit] In need of lyrics

You did not talk about Neural Crest Cells Development. from Lagman's Embryology.I need good animated video of Neural Crest Cell dpenloemevt.I will pay u 1000 bugs for that.

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