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Amber Sweet
Publication information
Portrayed by Paris Hilton
Created by Darren Smith
Terrance Zdunich
In-story Information
Born Carmela Largo, 2032
Died --
Occupation(s) CEO of GeneCo,
Spokeswoman of the Zydrate Support Network
Family Rotti Largo (father)
Luigi Largo (brother)
Pavi Largo (brother)

Amber Sweet (born Carmela Largo, 2032) is the youngest sibling in the Largo family at 24 years old. Originally, her character was named "Heather Sweet" (in the stage plays and the 10-minute short), but she was renamed "Amber Sweet" for the movie. Also, in the earliest productions, Amber was not Rotti's daughter, or Pavi and Luigi's sibling, but was instead Luigi (then named "Luci")'s daughter.


[edit] Characteristics

Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife. Terrance Zdunich's early concept artwork shows Amber posing in front of an x-ray machine, showing off her latest designer organs. Her addiction to plastic surgery is a large element with the character in the movie: Amber has a different appearance in almost every scene, in contrast to the stage play where the only difference shown was in costumes.

Another recurring element is Amber's relationship with GraveRobber, who supplies her with a second addiction, zydrate. Though the exact nature of their relationship isn't known, whether it's just professional (her getting zydrate from him) or something more, GraveRobber has been the hand that feeds Amber her zydrate for the endless surgeries she receives in all productions of Repo.

From early versions of Repo! it was revealed off-screen that Amber was born "Carmela Largo", but had her name changed for unknown reasons. The name change is addressed in the film, however, when Amber is fighting with Rotti and tells him that she uses the name for stage purposes as Rotti states, "I did not complain when you changed your name from Largo to Sweet!" during "Happiness is Not a Warm Scalpel".

[edit] Character History

[edit] 2002 stage-play


[edit] 2005 stage-play


[edit] 2006 stage-play


[edit] 2007 short


[edit] 2008 film

[edit] Depraved Heart Murder at Sanitarium Square

A montage is shown of the foundation of GeneCo and the Largo family's rise to power.

[edit] Bravi!

Amber, clad only in lingerie, sings and dances along side with her brothers and a group of genterns for a live commercial to promote the Genetic Opera. Once the filming is done, the backdrop is removed, revealing an inventory room in the GeneCo tower, which Amber and her brothers step into.

[edit] Mark It Up

After robing up, Amber asks Luigi where their father is and then punches him in the groin, explaining that "[she doesn't] take lip from a cunt." She then storms out of the inventory room.

[edit] Things You See in a Graveyard (Part One)

Rotti, upon learning that he is dying, decides that he will not leave his fortune to any of his own children, referring to them as "maggots," "vermin," and "vultures."

[edit] Luigi, Pavi, Amber Harass Mag

Amber harasses Blind Mag about being her successor once Mag delivers her final performance at the Genetic Opera. She begins to argue with her brothers about who will inherit GeneCo before their dad breaks them up.

[edit] Can't Get It Up If the Girl's Breathing?

Amber goes on a hunt for GraveRobber. Upon finding him, she demands a hit of zydrate, but he declines unless she pays. She doesn't have the money but she tells him that there are other ways for her to pay.

[edit] Come Up and Try My New Parts

Amber offers to let GraveRobber "break in" her new parts in exchange for a hit of zydrate. He complies, but before he can give her a hit, their tryst is interrupted by the arrival of a repo man and his victim.

[edit] GraveRobber and Shilo Escape

As GraveRobber helps Shilo escape from the tent she was being held in, Amber and her valets chase after him, still wanting her fix of zydrate that she failed to receive earlier.

[edit] Zydrate Support Network

Rotti announces Amber as the new spokesperson for the Zydrate Support Network, but Amber is a no-show.

[edit] Worthy Heirs?

Comic panels pose the question, "Are Rotti's kids worthy heirs to GeneCo?", detailing the public's view of Amber, wondering whether she's addicted to surgery and street-grade zydrate.

[edit] Zydrate Anatomy

Amber finds the drug-peddling GraveRobber and gets her shot of zydrate. After passing out and re-awaking (and hallucinating about getting another surgery), she tells Shilo that it's her time shine once the Repo Man comes to repossess Mag's eyes. Amber passes out in another zydrate haze and GENcops arrive to "collect" her under Rotti's orders.

[edit] Who Ordered Pizza?

Rotti's henchgirls arrive in Rotti's office, where his three children have gathered for some sort of meeting. The henchgirls hand Rotti a file containing several incriminating photos of the three Largo siblings. Amber's show her, passed out in an alley and surrounded by other zydrate addicts. After Rotti expresses his disgust in the three of them, Nathan arrives in the office to deliver a spine and receive the name of his next target. Amber takes delight in informing Nathan that his next target is none other than Blind Mag, who Amber jealously refers to as a "has-been soprano".

[edit] At the Opera Tonight

Amber finds GraveRobber to get another hit of zydrate before storming into her surgery tent to get more work done before the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Happiness is Not a Warm Scalpel

Amber enters her father's office and eventually reveals that her face has been mutilated as the result of a botched surgery. Her father lectures her that he warned her about getting too many surgeries after Amber blames him for it. Rotti defends himself, stating that he has done nothing but give, even when she changed her name from "Carmela Largo" to "Amber Sweet". Rotti ends up caving and lets Amber get surgery to correct her scars.

[edit] Gold

Rotti refers to his children as "nightmares" and "degenerates", claiming that they'll waste his money if he left it to them.

[edit] Not Your Parents' Opera

Amber prepares for her premier as a singer. In her dressing room, she secures on her newly restored face.

[edit] Needle Through a Bug

Shilo asks GraveRobber for her "cure". Thinking she's referring to zydrate, he explains that Amber took the last of his supply.

[edit] Blame Not My Cheeks

Amber takes the stage to perform her debut aria. She begins to sing, but when she spins, her face falls off. The audience proceed to boo her off the stage, faceless.

[edit] Sawman's Lament

Luigi says that Shilo exceeding all of Rotti's plans is more then he could say for Amber. Rotti retorts by saying that it is more then he could say for Luigi.

[edit] Shilo Turns Against Rotti

Amber enters the stage, still faceless, to comfort her father. Rotti, however, shuns her and her brothers, calling them creatures and telling them he doesn't need them before he falls over and dies.

[edit] Epitaph

After Shilo chooses not to inherit GeneCo, Amber takes control of the company. She auctions off her face that fell off at the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Actors

Stage play:

Penney Wei - LA run (2002), NY run (2004)
Marie-France Arcilla - NY run (2005)

2006 short:

Shawnee Smith

2008 film:

Paris Hilton

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Amber's MySpace profile

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