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Yes I am for this and was about to do lacxtey this one time, for lacxtey this reason. Also, I had a piece in it and this was a great place to showcase that piece. And the press was great. And so on. Why I dropped it anyway: a couple of people turned out to have double submitted their pieces, and then a third heavy hitter died. Another of the heavy hitters was the editor of a journal and also had a copy of the deceased's manuscript. Ze published it in the journal. So, that killed three out of 12 pieces and put the balance of the volume off. It was very irritating. But the press wanted those 3 replaced for the sake of balance in volume, and this would have made everything take longer, had it worked at all, so I quit. One reason I felt bad about it was, the other people who didn't double submit then had to find other homes for their pieces, later, and some were people on the tenure track who, therefore, really needed things to come into print.

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