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Blind Mag
Publication information
Portrayed by Sarah Brightman
Created by Darren Smith
Terrance Zdunich
In-story Information
Born Magdalene Defoe, May 2015
Died August 2057 (impaled on an iron fence)
Occupation(s) Opera singer for GeneCo
Family Shilo Wallace (goddaughter)

Magdalene "Blind Mag" Defoe is the godmother of Shilo Wallace, and was a very close friend of Shilo's deceased mother Marni Wallace. She is 41 years old (born in 2015).


[edit] Characteristics

Mag, born blind but given sight thanks to GeneCo, is often referred to as a caged bird in multiple version of Repo!. Though able to see, she has sold herself to GeneCo, and must continue endorsing it if she wants to keep her eyes. She becomes the most successful soprano in the world, but remains trapped.

In every version of Repo!, she is determined to end up free of GeneCo's grasp. She demonstrates this in early version when Nathan asks her to leave the city so that he won't have to be the one to take her eyes and kill her. She refuses, and tells him that he'll have to make a choice, but ends up making the choice for him anyways by blinding herself, as she does in every incarnation of Repo!.

Mag's relationship with Shilo changes throughout the versions of Repo!. In early versions, she has known about Shilo surviving, but in later versions, including the movie, she only just finds out on the night of the opera, having been lied to by Nathan.

[edit] Character history

[edit] 2002 stage-play


[edit] 2005 stage-play


[edit] 2006 stage-play


[edit] 2008 film

[edit] Bravi!

Mag can be heard vocalizing in the background while the Largo children sing and dance with genterns for a commercial promoting the Genetic Opera.

[edit] Tao of Mag

One of Mag's previous opera songs (sung in Chinese) is used for multiple commercials seen all around the city on floating billboards and on TV.

[edit] Largo's Little Helpers

Mag screams for Luigi to stop stabbing his gofers, shocking Luigi.

[edit] Luigi, Pavi, Amber Harass Mag

Amber walks up to Mag and starts harassing her about being her replacement after she leaves the Genetic Opera, but Mag continues to try to avoid talking to the frustrated Amber before Rotti shows up and breaks up an argument between Amber and her brothers.

[edit] Seeing You Stirs Memories (Part One)

Rotti introduces Mag to Shilo, who is shocked to see the girl.

[edit] Blind Mag's Story

A flashback using comic panels reveals that Mag was Marni's best friend, and through Marni, Mag met Rotti and was given her eyes by GeneCo at the price of having to be the "voice of GeneCo", which would come back to haunt her.

[edit] Seeing You Stirs Memories (Part Two)

Rotti jokes that technically, Mag is GeneCo's property, after pleading with her to not leave GeneCo, as she is planning. Mag then cuts the ribbon for the new opera house where she'll perform her final aria.

[edit] Zydrate Anatomy

Amber explains to Shilo that if Mag leaves GeneCo, she'll be hunted down by a repo man and have her eyes repossessed.

[edit] Who Ordered Pizza?

Rotti and his children instruct Nathan to repossess Mag's eyes. Nathan refuses, finding it difficult because Mag was Marni's best friend.

[edit] Chase the Morning

Mag arrives at the Wallace house and finally has the chance to formally introduce herself to Shilo, who is home alone. Mag tells her that she was a very close friend of her mother's and showcases the abilities of her digital corneas by projecting a memory of Marni to Shilo. Mag begs Shilo to learn from her mistakes and live life to its fullest, and projects the image of Marni once more before she decides to leave.

[edit] Everyone's a Composer

Mag turns to leave and runs into Nathan. She demands to know why Nathan never told her that Shilo survived (she'd been told previously that Shilo died at birth), as she is Shilo's godmother. Nathan tries to get Mag to leave before she can upset Shilo, but Shilo intervenes, telling Nathan to let Mag stay with them to avoid the repo man. The three argue before Nathan successfully shoves Mag out the door and locks her out.

[edit] Come Back!

Shilo warns her father that Mag is going to have her eyes repossessed after the show by a repo man, unaware that her father is the repo man.

[edit] At the Opera Tonight

Mag delivers flowers to Marni's grave as she makes her way to the Genetic Opera, stating that she's made her peace and holds no grudge, knowing that it will be her final performance.

[edit] Crucifixus

Mag prepares for her aria in her dressing room. As she puts on a pair of talon-like fingernail guards, she admits that she has seen enough and been powerless to stop anything, and is now ready to sacrifice herself to make it stop.

[edit] Chromaggia

Mag begins her final song for the Genetic Opera as she is lowered onto the stage from above. The song, sung in Italian, describes a bird of death that flies to remove an arrow that is attached to its wing. At the end of the song, as she is lifted back into the air, Mag asks that the bird come take her eyes and uses the large talons on her two fingers to rip them out herself.

[edit] Mag's Fall

Rotti cuts the cables suspending Mag in the air, and she plummets down and lands atop an iron prop fence. The fence posts impale and kill her, much to the horror of fans everywhere who witness her death from the audience and on TV.

[edit] Pièce De Résistance

In an attempt to settle the horrified audience, Rotti passes off Mag's death as being "part of the show".

[edit] Let the Monster Rise

Shilo and Nathan, in an argument after Nathan's identity as the repo man is revealed, are both shown a live-feed of the opera stage, which shows Mag's dead body, much to their horror.

[edit] Sawman's Lament

Nathan fights his way on-stage, and pauses to see Mag's corpse for himself, still stuck on the fence posts.

[edit] Actors

Stage play:

Lateefah Devoe - LA run (2002)
Natalie Salins - NY run (2004)
Annie Lee Moffett - NY run (2005)

2008 film:

Sarah Brightman

[edit] Gallery

[edit] External links

Blind Mag's MySpace profile

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